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How to wear keds with pantyhose?

3 Apr

Planning on looking beautiful, hot and sexy all at the same time wearing pantyhose and keds this spring? Yes, we want you to too.

* Doll Them Up!

Go ahead and mix variational fits like a blazed up skirt with pantyhose and keds as your footwear for a flirtatious outfit that has branches or should I say legs?

 You need:  Flared Skirts, pantyhose and a pair of keds.

* Uncanny Styling!

Unique and catchy, that’s what this style is about. Buy yourself some  amazing but weird prints of skin color for the top and put on that pantyhose so that your top and bottom look of similar color but the style just looks weird and uncanny. The only accessory you will be needing is pair of keds!

You need:  Skin color top, pantyhose and a pair of peach keds

* Faux and Burn!

Ever thought about giving the comfy but instantly elegant appeal a faux-leather finish? No? Do it and look the part. Pantyhose paired with sweats-style jacket and a pair of keds, it’s much dressier than expected!

You need: Sweats-style jacket, keds and pantyhose outfit

* Pantykeds Icon!

Add instant promise and seasonings to your look by making pantyhose and keds your outfits. Just go ahead and highlight the fact that you are wearing a pantyhose and those keds for a certain reason of setting a trend.

 You need: A simple full-sleeve fitted t-shirt, pantyhose and keds

* Jackety Keddy

Go around hustlin’ with the pantyhose that you’ve been mad about. Leave behind the skin-tight leggings and carve your status as a unique dresser.

You need:  A jacket, a stretched dress, pantyhose and a pair of keds shoes

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