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3 Halloween Costume Ideas for You

30 Oct

Just a few more days before Halloween. Have you thought of your costume already? If yes, then congratulations! I am sure you are going to have real fun. If you haven’t thought of a costume, however, don’t fret. We have some ideas for you!

Check them out.


Have you introduced your pretty-fearless child to Chucky? Chucky is perhaps the most-feared doll ever (even scarier that Anabelle). So, if you want to enjoy some time scaring the little kids on the street, you might as well scare them big time. Sport some Chucky attire and pair it with your favorite red sneakers. I am sure you will find one at home.


On the other hand, if you want to be the cute one, you can just go shopping and look for some onesies for adults. This costume usually is a full-body jumpsuit and shows orange-and-black stripes representing that of a wild tiger. It also has a matching headpiece that has a sculpted plush rendition of Tigger’s face on top. Elastic bands around the wrists and feet make sure the costume stays snug on you while you frolic around with Pooh Bear. And then pair it with your favorite Converse classic sneakers. As what most people say, “When in doubt, wear a pair of Chuck Taylor and you’re good to go.”


No one goes wrong with a cute rockstar outfit. So if you’re not into wearing costumes or into cosplays or if you simply don’t have enough funds for it or maybe don’t have the time, then go out and enjoy with a simple (or not!) rockstar look. To complete your look, go for a high-cut sneakers (and maybe some dark lipstick). It will do the trick.

4 Sneakers You Can Rock This Halloween

25 Oct

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the best time to be creative — even with your sneakers! Here are five on the list.

Vans Classic Slip-on

This pair rocks a skeleton design that goes well with your simple plain black jeans and shirt. Or you can go for the funky style and be as creative as you want to be. For inspiration, you may want to watch Stephen King’s “IT”. You’d get a lot of awesome ideas for your Halloween.

Nike Little Posite One “Magma”

SAD NEWS: This won’t be available until November 7.

GOOD NEWS: Available for both men and women.

Asics Gel Lyte Speed

This pair represents all the colors associated with Halloween and so much more: orange, black, grey, and neon green. But I bet you, this wasn’t created and designed for Halloween. No matter what costume you decide to wear (or not wear) people will know you’re in the Halloween spirit by looking at your feet.

Saucony Grid 9000 “Hallowed” Pack

This is, by far, a personal favorite. Although it was specifically designed with Halloween in mind, the Grid 9000 “Hallowed” Pack, this pair isn’t just for the holiday. It’s for everyday use as well! So if I were you and if I were a huge Halloween fan, I’d definitely add this to my collection.

Tips on Consignment Selling

14 Oct

If you aren’t sure about what kind of business to venture in, you might want to consider selling items on consignment. At first, consignment selling might be a tricky one; however, it has several tips:

1. Check the shop out.

Choose the retail shop wisely. If you have to do physical visits, then do so. This is a crucial part of your consignment journey as you will be dealing with them for the entire duration that you are doing the consignment. Also, it is important that while you’re there, you check merchandise condition, how merchandise is displayed, and the prices of comparable items.

2. Determine it matches with your products.

What products do you want to go on display? Look for consignment shops that sell the same general type of merchandise you are offering. For instance, if you are into sneakers, then go for a shop that is able to provide you with your supply regularly and on an on-demand basis, in cases where there would be high demands for it.

3. Be sure to get the terms in writing.

One word best describes this. AGREEMENT. Have everything on paper. Spell out the agreement with the retail store in a written contract. Get the owner or buyer to sign and agree to your terms regarding the payment schedule, responsibility for lost or stolen goods, and display and upkeep of the merchandise. This is very important not only in consignments but in every endeavor you put yourself in. It’s a risky world after all.

Another tip for newbies would be to remember that consignment selling isn’t always for you. There are times when it works and then there are times when it won’t. Don’t give up. Do some trial and error and you will basically find a product or merchandise where you can finally say, “This is it!”

If you want to get started on consignment, check this out: The Designer Consignment-Fully Authenticated, Amazingly Priced.

Good luck!

#NeverThrowAway: Discover the Beauty of Consignment

2 Oct

Did you know that consignment is one of the best and smart ways to make sustainable fashion choices and at the same time earn extra money?

Great, isn’t it? Now…

Did you know that The RealReal is having there first-ever National Consignment Day today — October 2? Yes, you read that right! The RealReal is celebrating its first National Consignment Day with #NeverThrowAway.

As one of the people who are into consignment, I’d like to share just why you should do consignment with The RealReal.

You Save Pounds of Textile
With 2.5 billion pounds of textiles saved from landfills through resale, consignment is not only financially smart, it’s also sustainable.

Just imagine yourself being one of the reasons why textiles are being saved and are used in a fashionable and efficient way. You’d be more motivated to even do more consignment and even push yourself to shop on stores that promote consignment!

For instance, with, you not only get to choose from a variety of designs and products, you also get to help the community as you can actually resell them and pay through consignment.

#NeverThrowAway what you can save and re-use or resell.

Testing the waters
Consignment sales is the best way to “test the waters”. With this, you’d be able to learn if a product sells well or not. It saves your from the risk of major financial loss.

It would also benefit parties as they are now skipping the lag times between selling stock and new orders arriving. Thus, you’ll have what you need then and there and just keep the shop restocked. Wit this, the inventory is basically being replenished the moment it sells.

Nurture a better supplier-retailer relationship
Through consignment, supplier and the resellers are able to form a relationship like no other. They are able to get feedback from each other that would benefit them both as suppliers and resellers. Since both of them are so much involved in the process, they know what levels of inventory are turned over in particular time periods. This is best for establishing a system that provides realistic order quantities that suit both the former consignee and consigner. Thus, this would eventually lead to being able to order the right amount and sell the right amount.

The conclusion, the use of consignment sales is one of the best ways to earn extra money, help save the community from too much surplus being thrown away and not used, and being in charge of your time.

If you’d like to be a consignee, click The Designer Consignment-Fully Authenticated, Amazingly Priced.

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