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What are the sneaker trends for business people?

23 Jan


Sneaker-dress fashion for business people is a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years, as it allows individuals to blend the traditional formal look with a more relaxed and comfortable style. This trend is perfect for those who want to make a statement while still looking professional.

One way to achieve this look is by pairing a classic dress or suit with a pair of sleek and minimalist sneakers. This combination gives a traditional look a modern twist, making it perfect for those who want to stand out in a more subtle way. Another way is to pair a more casual dress with a pair of chunky or platform sneakers. This creates a more bold and edgy look that is perfect for those who want to make a statement in a more unconventional way. Accessories like a tote bag or a leather jacket can also be added to complete the look.

It is important to note that when it comes to sneaker-dress fashion for business people, the key is to find the right balance between comfort and professionalism. It’s all about finding the right balance between the dress and the sneakers, and making sure that the overall look is polished and put-together. Business women can choose to wear neutral and classic colors, like black, navy, and beige, as they are considered more formal and professional.

It’s worth mentioning that this trend is different from the traditional dress code in most of the workplaces, and it’s important to consider the dress code of your work place before trying it.

Peer reaction

Peer reaction to sneaker fashion at the workplace can vary depending on the specific workplace and the culture of the company. Some workplaces may be more open to and accepting of sneaker fashion, while others may be more traditional and may not see it as appropriate for the work environment.

In general, it’s important to consider the dress code of your workplace and the expectations of your colleagues and superiors when it comes to dressing for work. If the dress code is formal, it’s probably best to stick to traditional dress shoes. However, if the dress code is more casual, or if the company culture is more relaxed, you may be able to incorporate sneakers into your work wardrobe.

It’s also important to note that even if your workplace is more casual, it’s still important to dress professionally and present yourself in a way that is appropriate for the work environment. Sneaker-dress fashion is a great way to achieve a balance between comfort and professionalism, but it’s important to make sure that the overall look is polished and put-together.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you are unsure about the reaction of your peers and colleagues, it’s always a good idea to start with a more subtle and conservative approach, and then gradually incorporate more bold and edgy elements as you become more comfortable and confident in your style.

4 Sneakers You Can Rock This Halloween

25 Oct

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the best time to be creative — even with your sneakers! Here are five on the list.

Vans Classic Slip-on

This pair rocks a skeleton design that goes well with your simple plain black jeans and shirt. Or you can go for the funky style and be as creative as you want to be. For inspiration, you may want to watch Stephen King’s “IT”. You’d get a lot of awesome ideas for your Halloween.

Nike Little Posite One “Magma”

SAD NEWS: This won’t be available until November 7.

GOOD NEWS: Available for both men and women.

Asics Gel Lyte Speed

This pair represents all the colors associated with Halloween and so much more: orange, black, grey, and neon green. But I bet you, this wasn’t created and designed for Halloween. No matter what costume you decide to wear (or not wear) people will know you’re in the Halloween spirit by looking at your feet.

Saucony Grid 9000 “Hallowed” Pack

This is, by far, a personal favorite. Although it was specifically designed with Halloween in mind, the Grid 9000 “Hallowed” Pack, this pair isn’t just for the holiday. It’s for everyday use as well! So if I were you and if I were a huge Halloween fan, I’d definitely add this to my collection.

Tips on Consignment Selling

14 Oct

If you aren’t sure about what kind of business to venture in, you might want to consider selling items on consignment. At first, consignment selling might be a tricky one; however, it has several tips:

1. Check the shop out.

Choose the retail shop wisely. If you have to do physical visits, then do so. This is a crucial part of your consignment journey as you will be dealing with them for the entire duration that you are doing the consignment. Also, it is important that while you’re there, you check merchandise condition, how merchandise is displayed, and the prices of comparable items.

2. Determine it matches with your products.

What products do you want to go on display? Look for consignment shops that sell the same general type of merchandise you are offering. For instance, if you are into sneakers, then go for a shop that is able to provide you with your supply regularly and on an on-demand basis, in cases where there would be high demands for it.

3. Be sure to get the terms in writing.

One word best describes this. AGREEMENT. Have everything on paper. Spell out the agreement with the retail store in a written contract. Get the owner or buyer to sign and agree to your terms regarding the payment schedule, responsibility for lost or stolen goods, and display and upkeep of the merchandise. This is very important not only in consignments but in every endeavor you put yourself in. It’s a risky world after all.

Another tip for newbies would be to remember that consignment selling isn’t always for you. There are times when it works and then there are times when it won’t. Don’t give up. Do some trial and error and you will basically find a product or merchandise where you can finally say, “This is it!”

If you want to get started on consignment, check this out: The Designer Consignment-Fully Authenticated, Amazingly Priced.

Good luck!

#NeverThrowAway: Discover the Beauty of Consignment

2 Oct

Did you know that consignment is one of the best and smart ways to make sustainable fashion choices and at the same time earn extra money?

Great, isn’t it? Now…

Did you know that The RealReal is having there first-ever National Consignment Day today — October 2? Yes, you read that right! The RealReal is celebrating its first National Consignment Day with #NeverThrowAway.

As one of the people who are into consignment, I’d like to share just why you should do consignment with The RealReal.

You Save Pounds of Textile
With 2.5 billion pounds of textiles saved from landfills through resale, consignment is not only financially smart, it’s also sustainable.

Just imagine yourself being one of the reasons why textiles are being saved and are used in a fashionable and efficient way. You’d be more motivated to even do more consignment and even push yourself to shop on stores that promote consignment!

For instance, with, you not only get to choose from a variety of designs and products, you also get to help the community as you can actually resell them and pay through consignment.

#NeverThrowAway what you can save and re-use or resell.

Testing the waters
Consignment sales is the best way to “test the waters”. With this, you’d be able to learn if a product sells well or not. It saves your from the risk of major financial loss.

It would also benefit parties as they are now skipping the lag times between selling stock and new orders arriving. Thus, you’ll have what you need then and there and just keep the shop restocked. Wit this, the inventory is basically being replenished the moment it sells.

Nurture a better supplier-retailer relationship
Through consignment, supplier and the resellers are able to form a relationship like no other. They are able to get feedback from each other that would benefit them both as suppliers and resellers. Since both of them are so much involved in the process, they know what levels of inventory are turned over in particular time periods. This is best for establishing a system that provides realistic order quantities that suit both the former consignee and consigner. Thus, this would eventually lead to being able to order the right amount and sell the right amount.

The conclusion, the use of consignment sales is one of the best ways to earn extra money, help save the community from too much surplus being thrown away and not used, and being in charge of your time.

If you’d like to be a consignee, click The Designer Consignment-Fully Authenticated, Amazingly Priced.

3 Tips to Keep Your Favorite Sneakers Safe

22 Sep

If you’re travelling or are moving from one home to another, it is important that you take the time to pack your shoes the right way. Thus, developing a plan is the sure way to go.


Before packing your footwear, be sure to have them cleaned. Each shoe comes with care instructions. Follow these instructions to minimize damage and harm to your sneakers. If you have sneakers that have been unworn for a long time, make sure that you check these out as it might have some insects inside!


Retain the shapes of your shoes as much as possible. This is a bit tricky when travelling but very doable when moving from one home to another. For instance, if you have boots, be sure to stack in papers so that it won’t wore out.  When travelling, you can put in your socks and other travelling items inside the shoes so the shape is not distorted.


Secure a shoe travel bag if you can and put all your shoes there when packing for a travel. On the other hand, if you are moving from one home to another, you can protect these pairs by placing them back in their original boxes.

These three simple tricks can do wonders when followed really well.

Fresh Sneaker News: Nike Chalapuka Sneaker

15 Jul nike-chapuka

This is the Nike Chalapuka. It is the latest lifestyle model from Nike Sportswear. The shoes is scheduled to release August.

As a teaser, the premium silhouette debuted during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, surprising everyone by teaming up with Rochambeau’s SS17 catwalk presentation. Originally a retro running model released in 2001, the Nike Chalapuka featured a unique cage overlay and plenty of room for ventilation, exposing feet to the elements with gaping holes throughout the upper.

The collection used premium materials like suede and leather with neutral shades of burnt sienna and a sandy tan. That gives it a rugged yet formal look — perfect for all kinds of men from all walks of life.

Check it out:

nike-chapuka nike-chapuka

Original post and photos from: Sneaker News

Bright colors are still IN for kids

26 May

The Nike Air Max 90 was one of the brightest running models to ever release when first introduced in 1990. The original Infrared style was definitely an attention grabber given the bold ‘Radient Red’ hue found throughout the famed creation, but by today’s standards, that OG Infrared aesthetic is tame in comparison to some of the candy-coated releases aimed at the kids.


This vibrant graphic-laden grade school exclusive features shades of Photo Blue, Electric Green, and Pink Blast in cartoonish paint dripped graphics while a traditional white mesh base is offset by a scale-like Electric Green texture on the midfoot and Swoosh.


The Nike Air Max 90 released in 1990 and is considered to be the second flagship sneaker of the Air Max legacy. The most popular colorway is the ‘Infrared’, which was the original colorway in 1990. The Air Max 90 was designed by legendary Nike architect Tinker Hatfield.

Original post from SneakerNews.

Let your kids enjoy the season with this bright and playful colors only from one of the most trusted brands anywhere around the world. Let them play with their creativity with these colors. They are sure to have their imaginations run wild as they try to mix and match this shoes with every item on their outfit.

Not just that! As parents, you also get to live up to the challenge as you try to beat your kids and their ideas. Make it an instance where you can bond positively with your kids. Let this Nike Air Max 90 help you acheive that! Go grab one now!


Sneaker Throwback!

23 Oct

Coming from the mind of Kanye West, this pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2 was officially released on June 2012. However, more thank one year since its release, this pair of sneaker still makes the news today. nike-air-yeezy-2-black-sneakers

The Nike Air Yeezy is an official sneaker collaboration project between shoemaker Nike and American rapper Kanye West. We bet Kanye West is so proud for his creation! He even wears it around!


In an article published online, it stated: “Already with the success of the Nike Air Yeezy, the Air Yeezy 2 showcased animalistic designs that caught the attention of many. The collaboration of rapper Kanye West and Nathan VanHook proved to be outstanding. Exhilarating animalistic designs, the sneaker features snake skin inspired on the side panel and a reptile heel panel. References of ancient Egyptian culture can be seen on the Yeezy 2.”nike-air-yeezy-2-ii-sneakers

True enough, this pair of shoes is worth every penny saved and all the hard work. It truly is a magical prize to self after all that you have gone through. It’s a perfect treat to self.

It is a perfect throwback as well!

The History of Red Sneakers

15 Mar

Red sneakers have a long and fulfilling history going back to the turn of the twentieth century. Wait? Turn of the twentieth century?

Yes, in fact the humble sneaker has a history as long as your car and longer than many of your most treasured items in your family’s household.

Many believe the earliest sneaker, including the red sneaker, go back as far as 1917 to the basketball player, Chuck Taylor’s famous design. However, this is incorrect, the red sneaker goes back even further to as early as 1907, to the invention of vulcanized rubber by Charles Goodyear, almost immediately afterwards companies began producing athletics shoes of various designs and varieties.

However, Chuck Taylor can in fact trace red canvas sneakers back to the famous design in 1917, who suggested the canvas sneaks design when he was playing basketball professionally. In 1916, a company called Keds began producing sneakers, one of which was Red Keds. Red Keds in fact were the first to use the term “sneakers” in reference to their shoes’ rubber soles ability to “sneak” around corners.

Since then sneakers, including the various red sneakers design have been a staple of teenage fashion. Whether it is for their athletic uses or through the use of various subcultures among teenage fashion populaces, sneakers have become a commonplace sight on many school campuses. Since the 1980s and 1990s teenagers among the “punk” and “Goth” subcultures of teenage students have been wearing sneakers such as Red Keds due to both their simplicity and variety of design.

Many famous wearers of red canvas sneakers include Led Zeppelin, Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, and more. These have increased the exposure of the sneaker design among the teenage and other populaces in the fashion industry. Leading to their use in the casual shoe industry among followers of fashion trends. Today many teenagers wear them as a symbol of pride and solidarity among their peers.

However, red sneakers are still popular in their intended use in the field of athletics. Their rubber soles allow for continuous use on surfaces such as basketball courts and their canvas lining provides an aerated atmosphere for one’s feet to feel comfortable in playing. Ever since that first endorsement sneakers of all kinds have been a staple of basketball and basketball culture among the teenage fashion trends. Red sneakers in particular are a particularly fashionable version of the classic red canvas sneaks design. Sports endorsers are bigger and better, increasing the marketing and exposure of these shoes among the athletics fashion populaces.

Therefore, whether one wears them for fashion or for practicality a pair of red keds or red canvas sneaks is the way to go for comfort and practicality. Use in both athletics and fashion keeps the sneaker at the forefront of clothing and fashion design and trending. The sneaker has come a long way in our time, and shows every sign of continuing on as strong as ever, and those original designs are still with us to this day.

How did teenagers start wearing sneakers as a part of fashion?

16 Feb

Sneakers have been around a very long time. They started manufacturing sneakers in the late 18th century, but they did not coin the name “sneakers” until the year 1892. This is when the US Rubber company came out with Keds brand sneakers, made of canvas tops and rubber. Keds brand sneakers are still around today and if you have a pair, you can feel confident you are wearing the most historical sneaker ever created. The moniker sneakers came about because, when someone wore this type of shoe, they could sneak around without anyone hearing them walk; because of the rubber sole and canvas. People started calling the shoes, sneakers.

Sneakers started gaining momentum as with all types of athletes all over the world. In the year, 1917, Marquis Converse created a basketball sneaker, commonly called Converse All-Stars. Following Marquis’ creation, a basketball player by the name of Chuck Taylor endorsed Converse All-Stars, converting the name to Chuck Taylor’s. In 1924, Adi Dassler created a sneaker with the name, Adidas. Adi’s brother then created another sneaker, the puma. Sneakers are worn by the top players in sports, including being worn in the Olympics.

Sneakers being worn by the public started during the 50’s. This is when kids started wearing them as fashion statements, instead of to play a sport. In 1984, the sneakers trend hit an all time high with Michael Jordan wearing the Air Jordan’s. Nike and Reebok competed on the sneaker scene along with Adidas. Up sprung sneakers for every sport imaginable, including skateboarding, running and cross training. Sneaker companies started putting bright colors and unique designs on their sneakers to add to the competition.

Today, more and more sneaker manufacturers are making sneakers with amazing designs and even better features. There has been the Nike Air Force, using gas as a cushion to make the person wearing the sneaker jump and run faster, creating a type of bounce effect. Reebok came out with The Pump sneaker, in which you could pump air right into your sneaker, ensuring for a perfect fit every time.

Sneakers are a staple and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t have at least one pair of sneakers. Women, men, children and even babies wear sneakers. Sneakers come in all colors of the rainbow, from, pink to black, patterned and green, red and rainbow and everything in between. The features that come with sneakers nowadays are endless, some types of sneakers are great for runners, others are great for hikers; some are perfect for basketball players. The list could go on and on with how many different types of sneakers are in the market today.

The important thing is to remember how sneakers started, with a little known rubber and canvas shoe, the Keds sneaker. They are the shoe that started it all and they have lasted until the present day.

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