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Keds & fashion in San Francisco

17 Jul

Just arrived to San Francisco. A lot of people I see (of all ages) are experimenting with keds, sneakers. Canvas sneakers are mostly popular with girls and women.

See one girl I saw in Peet’s cafe the other day: bright blue laces, jeans blue keds and bright pink socks. Loved it! Definitely looks great with slim jeans:

Blue canvas sneakers with pink socks!

OAT sneakers: eco-friendly sneaks you bury after you are done!

1 Jun

OAT shoes have a line of sneakers.  According to Springwise newsletter, this biodegradable shoe company recently brought out a new ‘Limited Skin Collection’ — a series of sneakers made from colorful leathers developed by Royal Hulshof Tanneries. The leathers are completely biodegradable and are made using non-toxic tanning agents.

OAT concept is simple: When it’s time to throw away the OAT Shoe, the wearer simply buries it instead. The shoe is fully biodegradable, and, as such, could be used to help other plants grow. Keen to realize their vision of a fully biodegradable shoe whilst incorporating a stylish design, the team at OAT Shoes were forced to develop and source many of their own materials and processes.

OAT Shoes founder Christiaan Maats says, “It makes sense to make products that are part of the planet we party on. We all like the nice bits in fashion, so why not make those bits fully biodegradable?”.

It made sense to the judges at the Green Fashion Awards too, where OAT Shoes walked away with a prize.

I personally liked the idea and the styles. They have tons of various sneaker styles at their site – www.oatshoes.com – red, green, blue sneakers… brown styles seem to be sold out! Let me know what you think!

Hot deals of this spring from Onlineshoes.com!

5 Apr

Spring Special! Save $20 off orders over $90 at OnlineShoes.com! Plus FREE Shipping. Shop our huge selection of new spring styles from sandals to trail shoes. Use coupon code 20BLOOM at checkout.

They have tons of comfy, stylish sandals plus women’s shoes for all occasions. Whether you’re commuting to work, jumping in puddles, running on trails or relaxing at home, Onlineshoes.com have just the right selection to keep your tootsies looking and feeling good.

Offer ends EOD Monday, April 30. Don’t miss it. I myself liked some items there.

Top 5 sneak peaks of this sale especially for you:

1) Women’s PF Flyers – Center Hi Leather Sandlot Leather: tough looking and would go great with skinny jeans (blue or black). Should be great for travelling:


more photos there>>

2) Women’s Kalso Earth Shoe – Primary Brown Rusik: look comfy. Those keds are for walking, stylish party and may be worn with a dress.


See more photos>>

3) Women’s KEEN keds – Coronado II Brindle/Black: very cool combination of purple laces and rubber and black/grey sides! Soooo cute:


Do check all sides in photos up close of those awesome keds here>>

4) Women’s Dr. Scholl’s keds – Jamie Black/Pink: I love comfortable footwear. The name of those cuties promises a lot of comport… Besides, they are pink. Also – laces look to be just a design. Saves my time on fixing the laces all the time (they always undo!). Overall – loved the colors. See by yourself:


See more photos up close here>>

5) Women’s Cushe bold sneaks – Boutique Sneak Leather Black/Gold: they blew my mind with enormous amount of details. It’s a great fashion detail for a sophisticated women. What do you think?


See yourself: video and other photos are here>>

Let me know if you like anything there and share some other cool keds styles you found!

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