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Rockin’ with the untraditional sneaker combo

30 Jul sneaker-outfit

It is given: street style loves sneakers.

That is why fashion enthusiasts have been trying to incorporate sneakers into all kinds of wardrobes. However, not everyone is successful in combining old outfits with today’s sneakers. The truth of the matter is that unexpected pieces like skater skirts, mini-dresses, and midi skirts are great with sneakers. But, it is easier said than done.


Many fashionistas know that attempting to style one’s self in this outfit isn’t as easy as it seems. That is why in an attempt to help, many have given their tips.

1. Choose your sneakers wisely. The foundation of a great unexpected sneaker combination is a great pair of sneakers. The goal is to create an outfit that looks relaxed, modern, and sleek. If you’re going to wear running shoes, look for flatter, streamlined styles like the Nike Free RN in black. Classic Adidas give most outfits a more urban touch. Converse are also a fantastic option to make a look appear more playful and easy.

2. Pay attention to proportion. Unlike pumps, slingbacks, or nude flats, which visually elongate the leg, sneakers tend to have the opposite effect. When paired with an item like a midi skirt or a bohemian dress, sneakers can make a wearer look stocky or awkward. That’s why fit and proportion are so important. In general, sneakers look better when coupled with shorter hemlines. For an urban, high-low outfit, try pairing them with a skater skirt and T-shirt. For a more feminine, 60s-mod ensemble, try combining a pair of sneakers with a mini skirt or dress. If you’re thinking of experimenting with sneakers and a midi skirt, start out with a tighter-fitting piece that hits just below the knee; a monochromatic theme will help to give the illusion of length and make your outfit appear more cohesive.

3. Strive for purpose. When trying to develop an unexpected sneaker combination, you want to look like you originally intended to pair your outfit with sneakers. Sporting sneakers with a suit, for example, will make it seem as if you’re a tired employee commuting to the office; wearing them with an overly-busy, messy outfit can make it appear like the sneakers were a sloppy afterthought. To create intent, treat your sneakers like they’re the centerpiece of your ensemble; all other pieces should revolve around them.

Sneakers are a painless way to make a look appear more comfortable and contemporary. However, you have to know what looks good with what.

Original article from: Mass Live.


How to Wear Sperrys

23 Dec

Sperry’s boat shoes. Yes, boat shoes. Just what the hell are boat shoes? For the curious minds, “boat shoes, also called topsiders or deck shoes, have rubber soles that are cut in such a way to prevent slippage on a boat. They’re often made using water-resistant leather or canvas…”

The design of these shoes really look amazing and formal. They feel and look natural whenever paired with shorts, pants, and anything of that sort. There’s a good reason why these shoes are so popular – they’re both comfortable and durable!

When buying boat shoes, look for unusual colors. Sperry’s come in plaid, navy, olive green, and canvas material, so don’t feel like you have to buy the cookie-cutter tan pair that everyone seems to have. You don’t want to go around town looking like wearing a school black shoes or a required company shoes.

Sperry boat shoes provide more coverage than most pairs of flats; they’ll look just perfectly fine with any casual outfit. They work with any type of jeans, from skinny to boyfriend to flared! For men, wearing Sperry would make you look like a real gentleman!

Outfit Inspiration



Jeans, Sperry’s, Cardigan, Cami, Scarf

No, this isn’t your preppy-yet-plain outfit with a simple pair of jeans and cardigan. This could look like something else. How? Mix your prints and pair a floral camisole with a plaid scarf. This look would be perfect for a laid back day either with your friends or at school. This is cool for winter and summer season. In fact, this could go in style at any season.

Denim tops, denim shorts, leather bag

Denim tops, denim shorts, leather bag, Sperry

You can also go for a denim day out by wearing a denim overload tops and bottoms. Add accent to it by using a different-colored bag that matches your Sperry. In this case, it is in the shade of brown. Add a little bling by wearing simple accessories of your choice. Just make sure it doesn’t steal the attraction from the Sperry shoes. It matters, ya know!

For men, here are outfit ideas in wearing your Sperry boat shoes.

the casual cool sperry glee sperry sperry outfit for men

How to Style Vans Skate Shoe

30 Nov

Are you having trouble on what outfit to wear with your Vans authentic skate shoe that’s, well, colored red/white? If you love wearing your keds but are running out of ideas on what to wear them with, then here are three outfit ideas that just might get you back on track.Vans

Outfit 1: Jeans and shirt. This maybe the most common outfit for a young lady who likes to wear any kind of keds. But, if you haven’t played with this kind of oiutfit yet, here is hot it goes. Let’s use the red authentic Vans as our basis. Grab a plain white tee shirt. Something that’s small in size (or hanging, so to say) will do the trick.If you’re not comfy with small tees, go for white oversized tees. Pair that with your jeans – pants or shorts. You can also have any top to pair with your denim shorts or jeans and Vans.Outfit 1

Outfit 2: Dress. Skater dresses paired with Vans works in wonders. It makes you look classy and chic at the same time. You can also sport a skirt and a top and pair it with your Vans shoes. Dresses, in general, can look good with keds for as long as you know how to play with it. The only thing you have to remember is that you have to wear a dress or skirt that is above your knee or else you would look like a plump. You can also add a leggings underneath if your not really comfortable wearing minidresses.  Just saying…Outfit 2
Outfit 3: Long-sleeved top and leggings/jeggings. During cold season, you can still sport your Vans. All you need is to mix and match your long-sleeved tops with your leggings. What’s in now are Aztec leggings or patterend leggings. You can also use the plain colored leggings of your choice. Doesn’t have to be too vibrant and colorful. The only thing you have to remember is that it should be stylish.outift 3

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