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What are the newest Bright Colored Sneakers for spring 2012?

26 Mar

Keds is coming out with some bright and colorful sneakers for the spring 2012 season.

Colors like: red, orange, lime green, dark blue, and tons of other great colors. Bright and shiny Keds are all the rage this upcoming season and everyone will be talking about the new Spring Keds collection.

Keds have been around for ages, almost 100 years ago, people were sporting their version of the Keds sneaker. The new spring Keds collection will be a throwback to the Keds of yesteryear and bring back a vintage appeal with a modern twist.

There are many ways to wear your bright Keds:  Pair them with the trend of bright denim this upcoming season. Denim is cropping up in many bright colors; such as red, royal blue and green. There is nothing better than the new bright Keds to pair perfectly with the colored denim.

In addition the Keds Company is also coming out with shiny Keds! Yes, you heard that right. Keds sneakers with a twist! Shiny Keds have been spotted in colors such as navy blue, red, white and black; they are patent leather and look very unique.

Spotted for the new spring Keds collection, were also printed Keds. There are various prints and color schemes to choose from; the prints are understated and have a vintage feel, almost like a printed dress from the 1960’s. Some are polka dotted and some have stripes; but all the new Keds sneakers have the classic design we all know and expect from Keds.

Glitter, did I just say glitter? Yes, glittered and sequined Keds have also been spotted for the new spring 2012 collection. These specific Keds are sans shoelaces and co-designed by Alice + Olivia. The colors are olive green, silver, cream and black.

The new spring Keds collection for 2012 is going to be epic.

Meanwhile, check out some creative colorful Keds I found at other awesome sites:

1) Shiekh women’s athletic shoes are super comfy and unique:  I loved those yellows! PS: They are on SALE :

Shiekh stylish yellow women keds

Click Here to have a closer look>>

2) Get yourself some flowers for April! Loved the pair of colorful red flower Converse sneaks:

Red flower converse sneakers

Click  Here to have a closer look>>

Let me know what you think!

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