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Zumba Basics for Every Woman

9 Sep

Most women are so obsessed with exercise, while others just want to use exercise as a way to maintain healthy lifestyle and bond with girlfriends. Most girls do something like running, walking, swimming, or going to the gym. However, some women attend Zumba sessions. Since Zumba is no ordinary exercise regime, here are some tips for the Zumba girl!Sept What to Wear

Clothing to Wear
Wearing the right clothing is a very vital part in Zumba sessions. Clothing that women choose for their workout should not interfere with their dancing and exercise moves. Most girls and other ZUmab instructors prefer non-cotton T-shirts, shorts, exercise bands, and Zumba cargo pants. The clothes need to be absorbent and wick perspiration from the body. The following table is a list of the various bottoms and tops that would be good to wear for Zumba:

Sept What to Wear2
No matter what you wear to your Zumba session, just remember one thing: lightweight clothing is the key for easy movement and sweat wicking capabilities.

Choosing the Right Bra
Another thing you have to consider is the type of bra you wear to your Zumba workout session. The answer: sports bra. Sports bras restrict a woman’s breasts from chafing and moving excessively while exercising. Just avoid sports bras that are made of cotton. Cotton does not wick sweat away from the body and can cause irritation.

Shoes to Wear
No! You just can’t wear any kind of shoes if you want to get the most out of your Zumba! In fact, there are specific shoes that can be worn while doing Zumba. Try the ones manufactured by the dance shoe company Bloch called Amalgam shoes. They are ideal for Zumba because they are light, breathable, designed for dance, and are available in various colors.

Sept Bloch_Amalgam 570 Dance Sneaker
There are other shoes that can be worn for Zumba. Watch out for the next article this month as I discussed the top 5 Zumba shoes for you!

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