Walking on Air: Sneaker Fashion for Girls & Teenagers

16 Feb

In this day and age, shoe fashion rules are less astringent and kinder to one’s feet. There is a fashionable alternative to teeter tottering while wearing shoes with extremely high heels and ultra thick platforms, running the risk of breaking an ankle or falling flat on your face.  Not even Hollywood goddesses are immune from having a shoe accident on the most important day of their lives!!

While you cannot wear them all the time nor can you do so for all occasions, these shoes have become more versatile over time and women and girls from all kinds of households are wearing them everywhere they go.  The wearing of sneakers is no longer confined to the sports arenas or solely for sporting events. Many teenagers, especially, favor putting on a pair of oftentimes personalized sneakers. After all, they can be very comfortable! Teenage sneaker culture has transformed these pedestrian shoes into a medium to make a fashion statement. Called “tennis shoes” once upon a time and coming only in white canvas material, sneakers now come in solid colors of the rainbow or any combination thereof.  They can come out in either “low-cut”, “high top” or “high cut” styles, with some styles designed with platform but still made of rubber soles.

In fact, for most sneakers, the only qualifying characteristic for a pair of shoes to be called sneakers is that the soles are made from rubber or variations of this material. The materials used for the body of the shoe itself now range from all kinds of stuff, from the traditional canvas to suede to leather to patent leather to Naugahyde or any combinations of these. One can say that the sneakers as a shoe item has come of age and taken over the fashion scene.  They have become favored not only by teens but by their moms, as well.  Many moms, for that matter have rediscovered how comfortable wearing a pair of sneakers can be. The fashion craze is also helped a lot by many Hollywood sirens coming out and wearing them everywhere, although they may still make their presence known on the Red Carpet, if they have not yet done so by this time.

Sneaker fashion designers have taken liberties and gone to town with what they still call “sneakers.” Now they look like nothing that is related to the sports shoes that were the original take off point.  The high fashion houses in Paris and in other fashion centers in the world have joined in making the latest fashionable version of the sneaker with the equivalent pricey price tags. Some shoes have their front parts cut off so that they look like peep-toe pumps. Some styles come with rhinestones and sequins and multi-colored shoe laces adorned with pompoms, little bells or other attention  catching gadgets that can make you a standout in a crowd. Shopping for a pair of sneakers can become a most wonderful journey with more options available than one can imagine would be possible. The best sneaker brands no longer come from the renowned manufacturers of sports equipment but are now the high fashion houses in Europe.  The humble sneaker shoes have arrived and have become the latest darlings of the world of shoes.


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