#NeverThrowAway: Discover the Beauty of Consignment

2 Oct

Did you know that consignment is one of the best and smart ways to make sustainable fashion choices and at the same time earn extra money?

Great, isn’t it? Now…

Did you know that The RealReal is having there first-ever National Consignment Day today — October 2? Yes, you read that right! The RealReal is celebrating its first National Consignment Day with #NeverThrowAway.

As one of the people who are into consignment, I’d like to share just why you should do consignment with The RealReal.

You Save Pounds of Textile
With 2.5 billion pounds of textiles saved from landfills through resale, consignment is not only financially smart, it’s also sustainable.

Just imagine yourself being one of the reasons why textiles are being saved and are used in a fashionable and efficient way. You’d be more motivated to even do more consignment and even push yourself to shop on stores that promote consignment!

For instance, with www.therealreal.com/women, you not only get to choose from a variety of designs and products, you also get to help the community as you can actually resell them and pay through consignment.

#NeverThrowAway what you can save and re-use or resell.

Testing the waters
Consignment sales is the best way to “test the waters”. With this, you’d be able to learn if a product sells well or not. It saves your from the risk of major financial loss.

It would also benefit parties as they are now skipping the lag times between selling stock and new orders arriving. Thus, you’ll have what you need then and there and just keep the shop restocked. Wit this, the inventory is basically being replenished the moment it sells.

Nurture a better supplier-retailer relationship
Through consignment, supplier and the resellers are able to form a relationship like no other. They are able to get feedback from each other that would benefit them both as suppliers and resellers. Since both of them are so much involved in the process, they know what levels of inventory are turned over in particular time periods. This is best for establishing a system that provides realistic order quantities that suit both the former consignee and consigner. Thus, this would eventually lead to being able to order the right amount and sell the right amount.

The conclusion, the use of consignment sales is one of the best ways to earn extra money, help save the community from too much surplus being thrown away and not used, and being in charge of your time.

If you’d like to be a consignee, click The RealReal.com-Luxury Designer Consignment-Fully Authenticated, Amazingly Priced.

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